Friday, 17 April 2015

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Cloud Computing

Everything has two faces of it - one is good, and the other is bad. Similarly, cloud computing despite being a very famous technology has some pros and cons on its name. If could computing is managed properly in your organization, you can save a lot in communications costs, support equipment, infrastructure and other services. IT needs changes from time to time, and thus it requires installation of more systems to keep up with the changing technology. Since the cloud itself contains all the required applications and infrastructure all you need to do is just dial in. A traditional IT service would require installation process that is very time taking, there is no such step in cloud computing. As soon as you dial the cloud you can start using the application. With dialing, enjoy the access to your required user community.
The cloud provides their clients with special business sue applications. The client organization should only know that which application they need for their business. They must also know how to access the use of different business applications. When you have the traditional IT systems installed, increasing or decreasing the number of systems is a tough task. This is not the case in cloud computing. On a regular basis, you can choose the application you want to use, the required bandwidth and the number of users you want in it. The flexibility of this virtual offering is simply incredible. Let's talk about the cons of cloud computing.

SLA agreements leave a responsibility on the user to understand and elucidate all the requirements of the company in details. It is paramount for the client to understand deeply what performance, support, security, etc. features they are getting. If the specified quality is not maintained by the cloud service provider, you can raise a claim for that. For understanding whether the standards are met or not, you will either need a cloud expert to handle everything or understand everything yourself. There are chances to get fooled by a fraud cloud computing service provider. Not all vendors are equally good in their services. Also, the internet has some security issues. Maybe a very negligible one, but it does exist.

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  1. Disadvantages of cloud computing is very less and rare thus it is a trustworthy entity.