Monday, 20 July 2015

A Know More About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a very common term these days as we hear it almost every day. Does everyone understand the meaning of cloud computing really well? A study released recently showed a deep overview of the use of cloud computing in industries. It was seen that almost 60% of the industries had very less knowledge about the cloud, and they used their internal IT department services only. People are mostly confused about cloud computing. They do not have a clear idea in their mind about how the cloud will help them. As s result, there all sorts of grapevine spread about cloud computing. The reason many companies do not use it is they fear to experiment.
Implementing cloud computing means investing money and time to get it done. They think more of what will they do if things do not work out. Instead, if they try to make things work out, cloud computing will be a great benefit for them. Contrary to this, we have many young business people who think that cloud is the future of business. The main problem is that people have limited knowledge about cloud due to which they tend to pass on half-knowledge based reviews on it. Cloud computing can help people make their business stronger and more cost effective. It will also reduce the overall risk.

Cloud computing provides information and software as a utility. It works in a similar manner like the electricity grid, but here the network is the internet. There are different cloud computing models such as platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and thirdly the Software as a service (Saas) model. The most common cloud model is the SaaS system. It is also referred as on-demand software. In case of Saas, allied data are intermediately hosted. This data is accessible using a browser over the internet. PaaS delivers a computing platform, and it requires solutions to ease the deployment of the software application. The IaaS allows clients to avoid procurement of servers, data centre, network equipment, etc. It provides a fully outsourced service. Before you sign a cloud service provider makes an agreement of the actions that will taken in your favor if the service provider goes out of business.
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