Thursday, 6 August 2015

Supplier selection for your Air Conditioning Company

Good suppliers play an effective role in the progress of any company. You also need to select your suppliers through careful assessment of each available option because different suppliers have different characteristics. Therefore, doing a little research will allow you to lay a solid foundation for your operations ahead.  Selecting the best supplier option for your Air Conditioning Company includes a scrutinizing process similar to every other company who chooses its suppliers.
Identify the potential suppliers for your company
Get a list of all the suppliers in the industry mentioning all their attributes and select a few that match most with your criteria.
a. Do consider the new suppliers in the market – Keep a close eye on the new players in the suppliers market because these new suppliers might have new technology to offer, they will offer lower prices in comparison to the older ones and they will be more flexible in their contract terms and conditions.
b. Follow a specific supplier selection process for the older players – As far as the old players are concerned a particular supplier selection process is followed. This process includes scrutiny of references of these suppliers, their financial status, availability of capacity, ability to follow the specifications and their quality assurance certifications.
c. Create a list of pre-qualified suppliers – This is called the supply base and the list will be referred whenever it’s time to award short-term contracts for your AC Company. In this manner there will be a competition for the contract award and the supplier who meets your requirements more consistently will win your contract most consistently as well.

Request for information
After a list is developed its time to contact the suppliers in a formal manner and ask about their goods and services. This may include a price quote, or general information about the products offered.
Negotiation process
This process involves different offers made by the suppliers to you and vice versa. Whatever is given up by one party is gain for the other one.
Terms & conditions for contract
After gaining all the intelligence about the market and getting the price quote the next step is to decide the contract terms. This include the payment and non-payment conditions, service level, specifications, quality standards and duration of contract.
Evaluation of each option and award of contract
After carefully analyzing each option and getting all the information and negotiations you will choose the best supplier for your Air Conditioning Company.
Monitoring suppliers
The process does not end at the contract award, in fact the real process has begun because you have to assess the performance of your supplier and more importantly, critically evaluate your company’s supplier selection process.
In short the most common criteria to choose the best supplier for your Air conditioning Company are;
i. Previous experience
ii. Past performance
iii. Quality Assurance standards certifications
iv. Potential capacity
v. Ability to meet the specifications
vi. Financial stability
vii. Availability of technical support
viii. Track record for improvements
ix. Time & Cost efficiency
x. Professionalism in business dealing

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Building a Website for your ATM Service Provider Business

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine and the basic idea behind it is that people pay you some money to get their cash so that they don’t have to go to their banks. This small amount of money is the transaction fee which is called surcharge. This idea makes the ATM Service Provider business a successful one especially in the public places and places where there is no bank in the vicinity. ATM business can be a good source of side income in the long run. As this is the age of internet therefore, having a website for this business is not a bad idea at all. Following are the sections your website should be divided into;

1. Company information and news feed section
This section introduces your business to your customers or prospects. Use this section to focus on how you provide value to your customers. Because this is the service oriented business therefore, providing value to your customers is a key here. The news feed will provide information related to banking operations and financial dealings nationwide as this relate to money matters. This section should also display the location points of your ATM machines. 
2. Credentials section
Credential section explains why the customers should come to your ATM machines for their cash. This section should contain all your links to other banks and it should also contain a small sub-section that provides various past user experiences.   
3. Offered services section
Offered services section contains all the information about various services that you have to offer at your ATM. For example, you should mention various types of debit and credit cards from different banks that are acceptable by your ATM machines or customers can also pay their utility bills here etc.
4. A separate page to provide all the information about your ATM locations
This page must be dedicated to provide the location information about all of your ATM machines throughout the city or outside it. If possible you should also include indicate the locations with the help of Google Map widget.
5. A FAQ section to answer the regular questions by customers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is included to answer regular query from the customers and other prospects. All the questions must be enlisted and properly answered while considering the customer as a layman. Another small section must be provided as a form for questions outside the area of FAQ.  
6. Security and risk management information section
This section provides details about your strategies to keep your place safe and secure for the general public. Describe how you cater the issues of theft and fraud while maintaining the quality of the services offered.
7. Contact section
This section provides the customer with your contact details. It should contain your telephone number, email address, your blog address and any other links to social media profile pages. This section should also contain a small feedback box which enables the customer to leave feedback regarding your ATM services.