Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to Make Your Auto Site Stand Out

How to Make Your Auto Site Stand Out

A great deal of online visitors have come to appreciate the benefits that the internet has to offer. So much so that having an online presence is the top priority of most businesses even those in the car dealership niche. Not only has this made it easier for the car dealerships to showcase their inventory to potential customers, it has also made it easier for the customers to browse the millions of options that are available. The flip side of the coin is, competition is stiffer and making a sale will largely depend on the experience that a customer has while on your website. This is why you have to make sure that you have an auto site that stands out. This is the only way that you can be able to edge out most of your competition and make sure that your customers have a great experience dealing with you.
Needless to mention, before you can even work on the site, you will have to have worked on your inventory. No matter how great and efficient your site is, the only thing that will get a customer to commit is when they see the car that they are looking for. Hence the need to get your inventory up to date first before you can consider yourself part of the competition.

Be compliant

While this is not the tip that pops a bubble in your head, it is the one that could actually make the greatest difference. Being compliant and showing it on your website will definitely win the hearts and trust of your customers by knowing that they are dealing with genuine parts and car. Also getting approval from bodies like the OEM should be the cradle of every decision that involves branding especially if you’re looking to bank on quality. It is also important to check if the customization s that you will add to the site are allowed before you carry on with them.

Have a blog

While sites are great and all, they tend to be stuck and are quite short-handed when it comes to offering your customers information and being interactive. Having a blog related to the website can be a mine for information that people are seeking and you can even use this to review some of the best cars that you have. Throw in customer testimonials to add some great personality to your website. The goal is to make sure the blog is constantly updated with fresh content to keep the people coming and a good number of this will convert to clients.

Create new pages

There are several reasons why increasing the number of pages on your website could help your auto site stand out. Some of these include better SEO ranking, better delivery of information and stronger marketing campaigns. Pack the new pages with content that has value and ensure it is something that your potential customers would like to see. After all it is better to have more pages than have less that are stacked with information making them look too busy. 


Humanize the dealership

Now this is the one that pops the bubble and gives you a light bulb moment. When you visit other auto sites, 100% of all their content is about their inventory. They forget that in most instances, customers will buy because of the experience. You need to build staff pages on the about us page and try to humanize your dealership by reinforcing cultural values. This will go a long way in helping you establish trust with the customers before they even walk through the doors of the actual dealership.
While the internet has had plenty of benefits, there is no doubt that it has made competition stiffer. As a result the only way to survive is to find methods that will help you stick your head and shoulders above the rest and the tips shared here will definitely help to get your auto site more recognition.